September 2, 2015

Drum up some decorating excitement with drum shaped home accents

Drum Shape Home Accents and Decorating | Home Fashion MagazineHome decorating trends come and go but one design trend that remains popular season after season is the drum shape.

By definition, a drum shape is round and may taper to a smaller diameter at the bottom of the item. This space friendly shape can be found in many different home décor items including:

Side tables: a drum shaped accent or side table can be squeezed into small areas where a rectangular or square shaped table might not fit. The rounded lines of this shape visually softens any hard edges the room may have while providing a spot to place a cup of tea, a pair of glasses or the latest novel that has captured your attention. These interesting tables, also referred to as a garden stool, can be used indoors or outdoors. They are commonly made of durable materials such as ceramic or concrete and may feature unusual patterns, carvings etc.
Lamps: A drum shaped lamp or lamp shade is the perfect accent for any interior space. A contemporary room would benefit from a glossy black shade to accent a lamp with a crystal sphere while a chubby ginger jar lamp topped with a cream linen drum shade would work well in a traditional setting. It is important to select the correct size lamp shade. Like Goldilocks, if it is too small the lamp will look silly and if it is too large it will overpower and hide the lamp base. A good rule of thumb is to choose a shade with a height that is roughly ¾ the size of the base. For example, if your base is 12” high you would choose a shade that is 9” in height. The width, or diameter, of the shade should equal the distance from the bottom of the lamp base to the bottom of the light socket; a 15” lamp base would require a 15” diameter shade. The bottom of the shade should be wider than the base of the lamp and should completely cover the light switch.
Decorative accessories: Decorative accessories would include items like vases, candle holders, canisters, baskets etc. The drum shape of these items fit nicely on a bookshelf or placed atop a coffee table or entry way console. The rounded shape introduces a touch of softness to square rooms and hard edges found in most homes. These items can be used on their own as artwork or as functional items to hold flowers, kitchen utensils, pencils and other household items.

Next time you are searching for just the right accessory or accent piece for your home don’t overlook the unique drum shaped tables, lamps and lamp shades that are available.

The Many Faces of the Poppy Flower

The poppy is a flower with many different personalities. In 1903 it was named the state flower of California where hillsides and fields come alive each spring with bursts of red, orange and gold blooms. The book, “The Wizard of Oz”, certainly made poppies famous as the flower that put Dorothy and her friends to sleep. In Tuscany the surrounding landscape literally bursts with red poppies in May and June and, on the dark side, in several third world countries poppies are grown and used to create opium for illicit drug trade. However, poppies are also the subject of many decorative items for your home.

Tuscan décor

Tuscany is a region in Italy that is known for the colors of the earth, sun and sea where fields of colorful flowers that are fed by the warm sunlight grow to meet the edges of the Mediterranean Sea. If you have visited Tuscany or you simply dream of living in the Italian countryside one day, you can recapture the feel of the area by incorporating the surrounding colors and designs in your own home. This would include touches of wrought iron, earthy shades of terra cotta, red, gold and brown, simple floral designs that include poppies and sunflowers and finishes that are made to look time worn and aged.


Poppies are a popular subject matter for artists. Their simple shape and delicate design can be drawn against a stark white background to allow their beautiful color to pop or an entire field of poppies can appear in a landscape painting.

Hang these colorful pieces of art above a fireplace in the living room, on the walls of a nursery or playroom to inspire creativity or in the laundry room to cheer up a dreary space.

Home décor

The bold and saturated colors found in most species of poppies will provide a bright “pop” to many different interiors. For example:

• In an all neutral or contemporary space, use throw pillows that feature colorful poppies as accents on chairs and sofas. The design will be highlighted against the white, black and gray colors often found in modern interiors and are guaranteed not to put you to sleep!
• A beautifully framed landscape painting of poppy fields will enhance the color and design of an Italian villa or a home that is decorated in a traditional manner.
• The simple design and bright colors of poppies make them a popular pattern for bedding that will delight many teenagers.
• Like all cut flowers, poppies will last only so long in a vase of water. To prolong your enjoyment of these colorful flowers, create an arrangement of silk flowers and place them in an urn or vase for a touch of Tuscan springtime all winter long.

Regardless of whether you are looking to simply brighten up the interior of your home or introduce a bit of the Tuscan landscape to your interior decorating, the simple design and cheerful color of poppy flowers make them versatile enough to be incorporated into many different design schemes.